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Our NEW White LED Cake stand Measures 16" Top. 


NEW!! Gold Column Stands stand 93cm High (Including Flowers Display)

Our beautiful Centrepeices are displayed with flowers displayed on a gold Stand. They are available with Artificial Candles or Tealights and scattered crystals.

NEW Table Floral arrangement to match size 2ft 3" wide.

         Wedding Packages Wolverhampton

     Save Money when you hire our packages.   
             Bespoke packages available!

Quality Products Hire UK provides a number of tailored wedding packages suitable for couples and families who are making arrangements for their wedding receptions.

We understand that this is one of the most important days of your life, and you can trust us to make sure that the day you have always dreamed of becomes a reality. We have created a range of wedding packages to help ensure that you and every one of your guests will take home a treasure trove of unforgettable memories to last a lifetime, creating a special chapter in your Love Story.

Your guests will notice these finishing touches, so we have created spectacular wedding packages full of all those special little extras to help make your day truly memorable. We have a range of wedding packages available which include, illuminated ‘LOVE’ letters, Sweet Carts, Vintage Post Boxes and much more!

                       Wedding Prop Hire

Make the most special day of your life, even more, special with our range of wedding package hire at Quality Products Hire UK.  Stylish wedding props, decorations, and lighting are a cost-effective way to bring extra atmosphere and glamour to your wedding or special celebration. Inspired wedding props can make your venue even more magical by complementing your theme and providing a memorable talking-point for your guest.

All of our wedding props can be hired individually, or as a package, please send us a message or call us to discuss prices and availability.


                NEW! Ceremony Package ONLY £350

6 X White Pillars with Ivory Cherry Blossom trees.
Ivory Cherry Blossom Arch.
6 x White Lanterns with Artificial Candles silk Foliage.
Aisle Scattered Petals.
Ceremony Table Flower arrangement/Centrepiece.

             Fabulous Floral wedding package.  ONLY £365

Luxury Ivory hydrangea flower wall 10ft x 12ft.
Flower Arch fully decorated with ivory blossom.
4ft white love letters filled with flowers

    White or Rustic Wedding props package.  ONLY £255

 Choose 1 item from each section below.

4ft White Love Letters.
4ft Rustic Love letters

Up to 8 - Mirror Plates with Dove Birdcage flickering candle centerpiece
Up to 8 - Log slice with Dove Birdcage flickering candle centerpiece

1 - Vintage Postbox.
1 - Rustic Postbox

1 - Rustic Table Plan on Gold Easel.
1 - White Mirror Flower framed Table Plan with Silver Ornate Easel.

1. White Welcome sign with flowers.
1. Rustic Welcome sign with Sunflowers

4 - Ivory Rose Bay Trees in white pots
4 - Ivory Rustic Hessian Base Bay Trees. 
         White Love letter Wedding prop package. 1  ONLY £365

4ft White Love Letters.
White vintage postbox decorated
White welcome sign with ivory flowers.
Mirror Flower table plan with easel
Ivory fully decorated flower blossom arch.
4 Ivory rose bay trees decorated sash, colour of choice.

   White love letter Wedding package. 2  ONLY £229

4ft White Love Letters
1 white vintage post box decorated
1 Love Ladder Decorated
4 Ivory rose bay trees with sash, colour or your choice.
Silver easel with a mirror seating plan with flowers
1 tabletop doughnut stand Unstocked. (Holds up to 70 Doughnuts).

                   White Love letter Wedding package. 3   ONLY£499

4ft White Love Letters.
White Vintage Post Box decorated
Candy Cart, Jars, Scoops Tongs, Colour of your chosen decor with fairy lights & bag holder
4 x Rose Ivory Bay Trees.
Up to 8 X Ivory Cherry Blossom Tree centerpieces on log slices with flowers decor at the base
1  Love ladder decorated
1  Silver carved easel with a decorated mirror Seating Plan.
Large Ivory fully decorated cherry Blossom Flower arch.
Tabletop donut wall (unstocked). Holds up to 70 Doughnuts. 
Tabletop Ferrero Rocher stand, unstocked, Holds up to 162 chocolates.

                NEW! VINTAGE WEDDING PACKAGE.  ONLY £485

White 4ft Love letters.
White vintage post box decorated.
White Welcome sign with artificial flowers.
White Mirror Table Plan Decorated with flowers with White Ornate Easel.
8 Birdcages with Candle centerpiece displayed on a Mirror Plate or Log slice.
White Vintage Candy cart decorated with color of your choice. Sweets extra charge.
4 x Ivory Rose Bay trees in white Pots with sash bow, colour of your choice!
1 Fully decorated Ivory cherry blossom Arch.

           MR & MRS WEDDING PACKAGE. 1  ONLY £475

White Mr & Mrs 4ft LED Letters
White Candy Cart, Dressed with colour of your choice with jars, bag holder, scoops, tongs and fairy lights.  Sweets extra charge, depending on how many guests!
White vintage post box decorated.
Silver easel with Mirror seating plan decorated with flowers
4 Ivory rose bay trees in white pots.
Ivory Flower Arch or flower wall
Mr & Mrs Ferrero rocher stand (unstocked) or Tabletop doughnut wall, holds up to 
70 donuts. (unstocked

    MR & MRS WEDDING PACKAGE. 2 only £599

White Mr & Mrs 4ft LED Letters.
White Candy cart decorated with colour of your choice with jars, tongs, scoops, bag holder & fairy lights.
White vintage postbox decorated.
Silver carved easel with a mirror seating plan decorated with flowers
Up to 8 Ivory Cherry blossom tree table centerpiece on log slice or mirror plates with flower decor. 
4 Ivory Rose bay trees in white pots.
Fully decorated Ivory Blossom Flower arch
1 white love ladder decorated.
1 Tabletop Donut wall (unstocked) & tabletop Ferrero rocher stand Unstocked.

MR & MRS Wedding package 3 only £299.

4ft White Mr & Mrs letters
White Welcome to our Wedding Sign decorated with ivory flowers.
White Vintage Post box.
White Mirror Table plan displayed on a white Easel.
White LED Cake stand.
White Memorial ladder.
2 Ivory Rose Bay trees in white Pots decorated with a bow sash.




           Beautiful Bespoke Rustic Wedding Packages.

     Rustic Wedding package 1.  ONLY £285

Rustic Love letters
Rustic post box
Rustic Table plan displayed on a gold easel.
Rustic welcome to our wedding sign
Rustic memorial ladder fully decorated
4 Ivory Rose Bay trees

      Rustic Wedding package 2. ONLY  £399

Rustic Candy cart, decorated with flowers, Tongs, scoops.
Rustic 4ft Love letters.
Rustic Welcome to our wedding sign.
Rustic gold Easel with Rustic table plan.
Rustic Post box
Rustic hessian base Ivory rose bay trees x 4.
Rustic light up cake stand.

    Rustic Wedding package 3.  only £425

Rustic Candy Cart,  decorated.
Rustic 4ft Love letters
Rustic Post Box
4 Ivory Rose Bay trees in a rustic hessian base
Rustic cake stand
Up to 8 centerpiece log slices, with flowers in jars, Bottle with lights decor. 
Set of 3 decorated crates with jars, flowers, lights decorated.
Rustic seating plan decorated with flowers on a gold easel.


     Fabulous Rustic wedding package 4 ONLY £325

Rustic 4ft Love letters
Rustic Post Box
4 Rustic Rose bay trees.
Rustic light up cake stand
Up to 8 table centerpiece, jars with flower decor, bottle with lights, on log slices.
Gold Easel with Rustic table plan
Rustic Artificial flower box Centerpiece with fairy lights.
Rustic Welcome to our wedding sign.

    Rustic Chestnut Package.  ONLY £699

4ft Rustic Love Letters
Rustic Post Box with Flower decor around the base.
Rustic Candy cart with Jars, scoops tongs, Rustic bag holder, decorated with flowers & Bunting & fairy lights
Up to 8 table centerpiece ivory blossom trees displayed on a log slice with flower
Rustic Table Plan with pegs, decorated with ivory flowers displayed on a gold easel.
4 Rose Bay trees displayed in Rustic hessian sack.
Rustic led light up cake stand.
4 Ivory Cherry Blossom trees displayed on Rustic pedestals to display down the aisle.
Rustic Mr & Mrs. Top table Flower box filled with artificial flowers & fairy lights.
Large Ivory cherry blossom Arch Backdrop fully decorated with cherry blossom flowers.
Tabletop Ferrero Rocher stand, Holds up to 162 Chocs. (unstocked)

NEW!!  Rustic sunflower themed Wedding package   
All of the below decorated with artificial sunflowers. 🌻🌻   ONLY £675

4ft Love Letters with Sunflowers.

Rustic sunflower Cart, decorated Jars, tongs, scoops included.
Rustic sunflower Postbox.
Rustic sunflower Table plan with gold easel 
Rustic sunflower Welcome to our wedding sign on a stand
Rustic sunflower Cake stand with led lights.
4 Rose bay trees with hessian base.
4 Ivory blossom trees on Rustic stands.
8 log table numbers.
8 centerpiece log slice with a glass bottle with lights and vase with sunflowers.
10ft x 12ft Luxury Ivory Hydrangea and Peonly flower wall.

    Rustic Elm package.  ONLY £899

4ft Rustic Love Letters.
Rustic Post Box with flower decor at the base
Rustic Candy Cart Dressed with Jars, Scoops, tongs, decorated with flowers, bunting & Rustic Bag holder & fairy lights.
Rustic Cake Stand with Battery Operated LED Lights.
4 Rustic Rose Bay Trees displayed in a rustic hessian sack.
1 Rustic Mr & Mrs top table flower centerpiece with fairy lights.
8 Ivory Table centerpiece Blossom Trees on Log slices with petal decor at base
Rustic Table Planner with pegs, decorated with ivory cherry blossom flowers displayed on a gold easel.
4 x Large Ivory cherry Blossom Trees on Rustic Pedestals with flowers at the base.
Large Ivory Cherry blossom flower arch fully decorated.
8ft x 12ft  luxury Ivory hydrangea flower wall. backdrop.
1 Tabletop (unstocked) Ferrero Rocher stand & Table top donut stand, Holds up to
70 donuts (unstocked)         

(Rustic Packages available with free, Table numbers!!)

A delivery, set up and collection charge applies for all of our services.   

Tailored Packages also available, please message us with your requirements.

For more information or to book your wedding package today, don’t hesitate to contact the team today call us on 07496 771568. Or alternatively, complete the contact us form on our website and we will get back to you!!

Party Packages.

Candy Cart/LED Donut Wall, light up numbers Package £175

White Candy cart stocked with sweets for 50 guests,
2 x 4ft LED Numbers.
LED Doughnut wall.
LED Ice Bucket.

Special offer Party Package. £75

2 x 4ft Light up Numbers.
1 LED Donut wall to hold upto 70 Doughnuts. (Unstocked)
1 LED Ice Bucket.

A Delivery, set up, collection charge applies, depending on the location of the venue.

Our Mr & Mrs. Ferrero rocher stand holds up to 162 Chocolates.

Half a stand to include 81.
Full stand to include 162 Chocolates.

Our LED Donut wall holds up to 72 Donuts.
Our Table Top Donut wall Holds up to 72.Donuts.

Delivery Instructions

 We will deliver, set up, and collect your order
 This will be confirmed at the time of booking.

 A delivery charge may apply, depending on location!!





Collection Instructions

We can collect on the same evening after your event or the following day. (depending on agreed hire period).

We can discuss delivery and collection times with yourselves at the time of booking.

Upon collection, the goods will be checked for damage and functionality.

Please read Terms and Conditions of Hire.

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